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In 2008 Maxxium asked us to assist in marketing the new products Black Grouse and Snow

Grouse. Especially sales of Black Grouse grew over and beyond expectations, leading us to believe

that the ordinary Famous Grouse sales would drop. Actually it increased! We are trusted to

continue cherishing the trademark and are truly proud of this confidence.




On the Nordlandia, cruising between Helsinki and Tallinn, we have represented the wines of

Amka. Sales exceeded all expectations and the estimates were constantly shattered. Only the fact

that  the products were sold out stopped the sale. We don´t settle for what´s on the shelves –

we want to sell by the pad!




Porto Barros is another success story. This port, fairly unknown here up north, was a remarkable

success on the Eckerö Line´s ships As ususal we didn´t settle for only showing the wine. we aimed

at record-breaking sales.


We have had the priviledge of cooperating with numerous firms and organisations in promoting

their products. You will find them listed under Partners.



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