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2018: We are working for the moment with The Famous Grouse.



2017: We are for the moment working on a large campaign with The Famous Grouse.


In 2016 we had a massive campaign wth The Famous Grouse. We also staged a large campaign representing Courvoisier Cognac at Tallinksilja. 


In 2015 a successful campaign for The Famous Grouse was staged on board Tallink  Silja. We also

had the honour of representing Courvoisier Cognac on the same ship. In 2015 we also campaigned

for Aperol and Campari on board MS Birka, MS Eckerö and MS Finlandia.

In 2014 we sold The Famous Grouse on board the Tallink Silja-ships where we also  successfully

campaigned for Courvoisier Cognac.

Over the years we also have executed successful pre-Xmas- and New Year-tastings of Remy Martin

on Tallink Sija. November and december are excellent months for cognac – though cognac, to our

mind, goes with every season.

In earlier years monthly campaigns with Estonian Livico were arranged on Tallink Silja. Their

products were highly estimated. Vana Tallinn was very popular and frequently sold out –

perhaps due to the fact that most swedes had never tasted the liquor.

Over the years passengers were offered tastings of Xanté,  Amarula and Renault Cognac in

connection with big campaigns on Tallink  Silja.  These tasty drinks were highly appreciated by

the consumers.

For many years we also sold Porto Baros on board the ships of Eckerö Line. This fairly unknown

port quickly became a best-seller. Read more about this under cases.



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