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Active Promoting has a marketing experience of 10 years. If you wish to increase sales from day one, we are a winning pick. Our competence and know-how especially in travel retail is beyond dispute. But we will also represent your enterprise in fairs and shopping centres.

Our multilingual advisers will help you to increase your turnover. We will care for recruiting and training the staff to cherish the trademark of your products. All necessary actions will be taken in order to promote both short- and long-term sales. We will always feel motivated to do a proper job.

Through the years millions of people have tested the products we have represented. Consumers have been open to our argumentation for why an purchase of a certain product is a wise choice.  Since the start in 2005 we have promoted several well-known trademarks. But we will be very happy to introduce novelties as well.

We can offer your company experts in the following categories:


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